Thursday, June 2, 2011

Busan, Korea, 2009

i only have shots from my 2009 trip to Busan, but nothing from Seoul! must visit again :) - SW

Hong Kong, 2009

I'm surprised that I didn't have that many shots of HK even though i've been there numerous times and even lived there for a few months back in 2009. I guess this is an excuse to visit again! :D

Tokyo, Japan 2009

 I hope to be able to visit Japan again in the near future.. praying for those affected by the Japan Earthquake.  - SW

on top of Tokyo Tower - take notice to the 大 (da) shape

Takaragawa Onsen in the Gunma area (a few hours from Tokyo)

Taiwan, 2009

I lived abroad in Taiwan for about 4 months back in 2009. For such a small little country, it possesses an abundance of natural beauty worth checking out. - SW

view of taipei 101 at sunset on elephant mountain

wulai, a small town near taipei city

wulai falls

yeliou, another small town close to taipei city
dusk at Green Island

Green Island
Penghu <3 <3

Rainbow Bridge, Penghu

Beijing, China 2010

moving onto Asia! it feels weird to be backtracking in time .. - SW

Forbidden City

Great Wall of China

Beijing Hutong area (the oldest part of the city)