Sunday, February 2, 2014

Prague, Czech Republic 2012

The next stop on the 2012 European adventure was to Prague, Czech Republic. Although the city was extremely touristy I still LOVED it. Such a colourful city with so much to see and do at every corner. I'm still super sad that my camera was on the wrong setting for the entire trip (up until Cambodia) because the resolution is absolutely dreadful hence the grainy spots :*(

Walking across Charles Bridge multiple times a day to get to the City Centre
The infamous view of the Prague Castle from across the river

Prague's Astronomical Clock considered one of the most disappointing tourist attractions across all of Europe (not by me!)

Prague City Centre. Everything in the area is ridiculously expensive (don't get me started on dinner... expensive AND snarky waiters) so the best bet is to just sit your butt down on the pavement and watch all the bustle pass you by.

This day was a glorious day. Everything looked like a snap shot worthy moment.

More hidden alleyways.. this one had beautiful sketching on the walls that told some kind of story

Walking around aimlessly in Prague. Take me back!

Completely forgot what this building was but I just loved how it sparkled in gold in the sun

Prague Castle & Charles' Bridge

Kutna Hora... a bit outside of Prague. A church decorated in people's (over 40,000) bones... a definite eerie feeling but worth checking out!
After a long day of traveling outside of Prague, made my way up to the loveliest beer garden with the most amazing view (Letna's). Perfect way to unwind.
Prague City Centre from up top. Watching the sunset & the city lights turn on at dusk.

View of Old Town Hall

Last glimpse of the Prague castle before it was time to board the worst train ride of my life. Should have taken an extra moment to indulge.