Sunday, November 16, 2014

Cartagena, Colombia 2014

It was about time to conquer a new continent so luckily, I had some awesome coworkers who were also down for an epic adventure in South America - a whole new world with chaos and beauty at every step of the way. The first step on the South America tour was Cartagena on the north coast of Colombia in the Caribbean region: beach, heat and Colombian flair all in one little city! Read about our overall south america trip HERE

A beautiful colonial walled city with colours everywhere

Cartagena's Clock Tower (entrance into the walled city)
Gladly getting lost while wandering around the walled city
Cartagena, after the storm, gives the city such a dramatic glow
Just a few moments later, the sun finally makes an appearance
Peace & Quiet (a rarity) while taking a morning stroll
Colombian Fruit Ladies working hard as the bread winners from the neighboring village
Playa Blanca -  a beautiful beach 45 minutes from the city
In search for some naranjas for some much needed Vitamin C

Days spent: 3 nights, 3.5 days
Type of Lodging: Hostel
Name of Lodging: Media Luna Hostel
Activities: Beach bums, lots of Dancing & soaking in the Colonial architecture 

Cartagena is a beautiful city with all its amazing colonial architecture in the old city. Beautiful beaches such as Playa Blanca are only a 45 minute drive away. At night, the strong latino flavour of the city comes alive (Marc Anthony's Vivir Mi Vida will forever remind me of this place). Just remember to stay safe as there are scams and crooked cops at every turn. Click HERE to read more about our trip and reviews.