Monday, April 14, 2014

Vancouver, BC 2014

This weekend was the most gorgeous weekend Vancouver has seen in far too many months. I also had a new toy to play with (a Canon 7D) which made it the perfect opportunity to go out & about and shoot.

hidden spot under the oak street bridge

learning the new lens' feature

everyone was out to have some fun
maneuvering around treacherous terrains to get to this cherry blossom haven

the sunshine poking it's way through the sakuras

perfect end to the night with a sunset stroll along one of my favorite spots in all of vancity

a peak of the cambie street bridge

i'm starting to lose count how many shots I have of this specific snapshot
the unique pedestrian bridge in the olympic village
a different view while crossing this pedestrian bridge
sticking to the olympic theme, 3.4 km away, is the olympic cauldron of course.
another favorite hangout spot (technically, in richmond) to watch the planes come & go. On this day, it was also a great view of Mt Baker (and an unofficial promo for British Airways).

no matter where you are, you will always see a trace of our beautiful mountains
literally, mountains everywhere.
my new hood - East Vancouver.