Sunday, November 24, 2013

Oh Canada! 2013 (Bay of Fundy & Aboiteau Beach, NB)

Journey to become truly Canadian. Summer 2013 objective to visit all of Canada's wonderful 10 provinces from coast to coast :) 

After my summer program in Saskatoon wrapped up, I took the one week we had off before heading back to work, to explore the remaining 4 provinces in 5 days. It was quite the challenge but definitely worth it! First stop in the maritime tour: New Brunswick.

Morning (low) tide at the Bay of Fundy.

A few hours later, high tide rolls in at the Bay of Fundy.Same spot as above but now over 42 feet of water. Amazing.

Strolling along the Bay of Fundy. 

Walking along the ocean floor

It's crazy to imagine that all this is under water in a matter of a couple hours

Bay of Fundy also known as the Chocolate River

Bay of Fundy at low tide from a higher view point

Same spot as above but at high tide

One...two...three...a few little birdies.

Of course the day I go kayaking is the day of record high tides.

Walking towards Aboiteau Beach, the Acadian part of New Brunswick.

Aboiteau Beach

Aboiteau Beach