Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Oh Canada! 2013 (Cavendish and Charlottetown, PEI)

Journey to become truly Canadian. Summer 2013 objective to visit all of Canada's wonderful 10 provinces from coast to coast :) 

Second stop along the maritime tour was Prince Edward Island. One of my main goals for the trip was to drive across the Confederation Bridge which connects New Brunswick to the island. It was hard to appreciate the beauty along this 13KM bridge but it was definitely worth the trip (even with its hefty toll fees). Overall, PEI is so picturesque with a snapshot worthy moment at every turn. 

Driving across the Confederation Bridge

It took almost twice as long to get anywhere as I kept pulling over the side of the road to take a quick snapshot. Good thing

At every corner were hay rolls after hay rolls

Cavendish, PEI

more hay rolls

Cape Tryon Lighthouse in sight

Cape Tryon Lighthouse

A view from the NorthEast Point of PEI

Driving through Summerside

More picturesque moments driving along the winding roads of PEI

Strolling through tiny Charlottetown

finally arrived in Charlottetown just in time to catch a pretty sunset

Good night Charlottetown!