Sunday, December 29, 2013

Oh Canada! 2013 (Cape Breton, NS)

Journey to become truly Canadian. Summer 2013 objective to visit all of Canada's wonderful 10 provinces from coast to coast :) Next stop on the maritime adventure was a quick stop to Cape Breton, Nova Scotia's hidden gem. The Cabot Trail that loops around Cape Breton is approx. 300KM and remains largely uncommercialized meaning minimal establishments in the surrounding area & limited cell phone reception. In other words, make sure to pack for unforeseen circumstances :)

one of the many secluded waterfalls.. perfect for a quick dip

the start of the Cabot Trail (facing East)

Stairways to Heaven

the infamous Cape Breton postcard shot. Google Cape Breton and you will most likely see this view
just a close up of the beautiful coast line