Sunday, January 26, 2014

Normandy, France 2012

There is never a better way to explore an area than by car. This quick stop to Normandy and the surrounding areas allowed me to satisfy the history geek in me and cross off an item on the bucket list.

St Pierre Cathedral at Caen. The home base of the Normandy adventure

The most recognized flower to any Canadian. The infamous poppy growing at Juno Beach.

Paid respect at the Canadian cemetery a short drive from Juno Beach. 
Beautiful and simple with the poppy flower growing all around.

A few kilometers away lied the American cemetary. 
Grand monuments and beautiful pond decorated the surrounding area.  
A big contrast from the Canadian cemetery.

The American tombstone. The endless lines and rows made a powerful statement.

"a german soldier" - finally, we made a quick stop to the German cemetery. The simplicity to the area and bleak atmosphere marked another example at how the Germans acknowledged their actions in the war by not making a glamorous statement or any large monuments in the cemetery.

Pointe du Hoc
Pointe du Hoc

Pointe du Hoc - standing on top of the cliff provided a beautiful view. However, it also reminded that this cliff was the exact reason why so many American lives were lost. Standing there, looking down and imagining what it would have been like back in 1944. To know you were fighting an impossible mission and that no help was to come.